Home Pest Control w/ Eco-friendly Attic Dusting (Initial Fee)
Home Pest Control w/ Eco-friendly Attic Dusting (Initial Fee)
Home Pest Control w/ Eco-friendly Attic Dusting (Initial Fee)

Home Pest Control w/ Eco-friendly Attic Dusting (Initial Fee)

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Eco-friendly Attic Dusting: Arrow utilizes long lasting, eco-friendly dust treatments for the attic or other labeled areas.  This treatment is a one-time treatment for a large variety of household general pests and will have an effectiveness of over 30 years. This product is perfect for the attic space as it does not break down with heat compared to many other pesticides. The product is also moisture resistant and does not clump when exposed to moisture. The homeowner or occupant can remain in the structure, but not in the attic, during the time of the eco-friendly treatment. 

Home Pest Control – Outside Service & Inside on Request: Pelican will inspect & treat the interior & exterior for the initial treatment. Program may vary. Interior can include inspection & treatment with granules, baiting, & low odor products using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) & crack & crevice treatment methods. Exterior can include a sweep down of the eaves & overhangs up to 15 feet, residual liquid treatment to entry points & harborage areas around structure, & treatment of any visible/accessible ant mounds near the structure. After initial treatment, Pelican will only treat the exterior unless customer has an interior pest problem that requires service. This service guarantees for the control of Ants, Roaches, Silverfish, Earwigs, & Spiders. This service does not include any wood destroying insects, German Roaches, Crazy Ants, Bed Bugs, or any other recent invasive species of pest that is not specified. Every sale quoted over the phone is contingent on verification inspection prior to treatment. Pricing will only be altered with written approval by both parties. Standard pricing includes homes up to 3,000 sq. ft. Homes bigger the 3,000 sq. ft. are subject to higher prices. This service is for a period of one year, during which period it shall be non-cancelable. If client wishes to get out of the agreement, the remainder of the sum of money due in the contract will be due immediately and the client will be released from the remainder of the agreement after it is paid in full.  After the initial contract period, the agreement shall automatically renew itself for 30-day periods until cancelled in writing by either party. Charges will occur even if property is inaccessible for treatment & Pelican has made a reasonable effort to schedule/perform treatment. A reasonable effort is 2 or more contact attempts.  Charges will occur until program is cancelled in writing. Program details subject to change.

Home Pest Control Add-Ons:  Fire Ant (Full), Rodent, Flea, Lawn and Turf, Mosquito Suppression, German Roach, Weep Hole Covers, Attic Dusting, & Crazy Ant Treatments are available.  Please call and ask for a free consultation. 

Pest Control – Wet Day Treatments: Pelican’s residential pest program may so Pelican can service your property in times of inclement weather and stay on a strict service schedule to fight pests. Pelican utilizes moisture activated granulated crystals if the exterior of your property is wet.  This enhanced product is included, if needed, in your regular service schedule, at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Health & Property Notice: Pest Control is meant to protect health and property. It is Pelican’s goal to be a convenience to you with scheduling, servicing, and supporting our clients for a healthy pest free environment. Please let Pelican know if you have any known chemical sensitivities. Consulting with your doctor before treatment is recommended. Product labels and safety data sheets are available to you. Pelican will not be held liable for any insect stings, bites, diseases, and associated medical expenses or legal expenses. Pelican will not be held liable for any property damage except due to gross negligence. Pelican technicians are trained to safely and effectively take care of your pest control needs. Thank you for your business and we look forward to improving your health and quality of life!

By submitting payment, accepting service, or signing this agreement, you are bound by these terms and conditions.  Please view the information below related to the services you were quoted and/or purchased.  All Quotes are valid for 10 days.